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KERLABS.COM brings you Kerrighed Linux clusters made easy !

August 14, 2013: Kerrighed 3.0 Virtual Machine Images are now available again! Download both:

Light: krg0_light.img Full: krg0_full.img

Then follow the instructions to configure your cluster using a VM hypervisor such as KVM or under Windows use Oracle VM VirtualBox

The machine image (.img) file can also be deployed to bare metal servers, just use dd to write the image to a hard drive or flash drive, then boot up your cluster!

January 18, 2012: Kerrighed 3.0 has been ported to Ubuntu 12.04 with Linux Kernel v3.2 Email Jason Coombs ([email protected]) for a free copy of the beta test source, the newest unreleased enhancements to Kerrighed developed by Kerlabs and We Cluster, Inc.

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